NASPA Policy and Practice Series: A Framework for Divisionwide Assessments of Student Learning

Evidence of student learning and resource stewardship are integral components to higher education’s internal planning and
external accountability fabric. Assessment offers educational leaders a powerful tool to address needs for detailed evidence
that demonstrates areas of strength while pointing to areas that can enhance the educational environment delivered to
students. Although a litany of resources exist to guide program- and department-level assessment, few resources are designed
to help leaders in student affairs organize an integrated and cohesive approach to showcase the contributions of student
affairs for planning and accountability. The purpose of this issue of Policy and Practice is to support the efforts of student
affairs educators who want to build divisionwide assessment structures that are sustainable; enable practitioners to guide
and document change; and support the division’s ability to showcase the contributions of the cocurriculum toward resource
stewardship, student learning, and university mission.