The Game of Oppression

Lamara Warren and Colette Cummings

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While college campuses are becoming increasingly diverse, many students still find it difficult to step outside of what is familiar and interact with students of different races, religions, classes, abilities or sexual orientations. Students may pass each other on campus and attend classes together, but few develop meaningful relationships with others from different backgrounds. The Game of Oppression is designed to encourage and challenge individuals from different backgrounds and experiences to engage in authentic dialogue. The Game of Oppression is an innovative interactive training program designed specifically for use by student affairs professionals. The program equips diversity educators with strategies to encourage students to take full advantage of the diversity on their respective campuses and in their communities. The game provides a "safe space" for authentic dialogue around the issues of oppression.

The Game of Oppression Diversity Education Kit includes:

  • The game board
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Instruction Booklet (with Reflection Journal and Observation Worksheet)
  • Six decks of cards
  • 10 colored pawns
  • One die

How it works:

The Game of Oppression is designed to be played by 10 to 20 players at a time, with half playing as active participants and the other half as observers. The optimum amount of time allotted to play is four hours to ensure proper facilitation and personal engagement, but the game can be played in a minimum of three hours. The goal is to achieve "enlightenment." To do this, the active participants move their pawns around the game board and respond to statements on the playing cards. After a set period of time, the two groups switch roles. At the end of the game, all players participate in a reflection and group discussion period to synthesize the game experience for each participant.

The Game of Oppression is an educational tool. It is in the form of a game, but not a game of amusement. It is intended to allow players to learn while interacting with one another according to a set of rules overseen by someone familiar with the Game and capable of facilitating group activity. We hope this proves instructive and useful to you.

Board Game | 2007

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