Equity and Diversity

The Equity and Diversity focus area emphasizes social justice and the continued diversification in today’s higher education environment. From recent court decisions and new legislation to diversification of the profession’s workforce, NASPA recognizes the impact that Equity and Diversity has on our professionals. Through our identity-base Knowledge Communities, NASPA events, the Commission on Equity and Inclusion, and writing and research opportunities, NASPA provides resources and creates communities around these issues, creating ample opportunities for involvement and support which enables growth and understanding in the student affairs profession.

Equity and Diversity

Equity and Diversity

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Equity and Diversity
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  • “It’s a Double-Edged Sword”

    Empirical and conceptual literatures advance the idea that Women of Color faculty who bring diverse perspectives and pedagogies to classrooms provide added benefits to student learning. However, WOC working primarily as higher education and student affairs administrators and engaging in classroom teaching, as a part of or in addition to their work, may find they lack programs and literature to address their needs.

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  • Assumptions About Working-Class Students and Job Search Services

    In this post, Concordia College Career Coach Julie Maahs outlines three incorrect assumptions she has held related to working-class students and the job search, and how she intends to change practices to more effectively serve working-class students.

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  • Diverse Solutions for a Complex Issue

    Sexual violence prevention is not singular. It must encompass many things at once as the causes of sexual harm interconnect, socially and culturally entrenched, and deeply complex. The Prevention Programming Matrix - a tool that identifies prevention programs available for implementation on a college campus - reflects some of the diversity of prevention work.

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  • Amplifying Voices of Our Community’s Core: Students

    While those of us working in the field of preventing and responding to sexual misconduct have been aware of its prevalence on campuses across the country, the recent, wide-spread coverage across many types of media created waves of increased awareness about sexual misconduct and, on some campuses, increased reporting.

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