Assessment and Evaluation

Good assessment and evaluation practices support the success of students, programs, and institutions through clearly communicated learning outcomes, solid methodology, and the informed used of data; assessment and evaluation’s importance to the field of student affairs continues to grow every day. This focus area pulls together information from current research and publications, our knowledge communities, and NASPA events to strengthen your knowledge base of assessment and evaluation, providing opportunities for involvement, education, and professional development in this critical competency for student affairs professionals.

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

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Assessment and Evaluation
Initiatives & Awards

NASPA is pleased to recognize student affairs professionals for their innovative assessment and evaluation practices that create a culture of assessment and learning on their campuses.

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    Empirical and conceptual literatures advance the idea that Women of Color faculty who bring diverse perspectives and pedagogies to classrooms provide added benefits to student learning. However, WOC working primarily as higher education and student affairs administrators and engaging in classroom teaching, as a part of or in addition to their work, may find they lack programs and literature to address their needs.

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