Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at a NASPA event is a great way to give back to the profession and to become more connected to the Association.

Introduce a Speaker - Spend time with experts in the field by greeting them at registration and helping them set up their presentation before getting some face time with the crowd as you introduce the speaker. Opportunities to introduce speakers are posted on volunteer central or in the on-site volunteer instructions you receive in the welcome e-mail a week prior to the event.

Connect with Attendees at Registration - Welcome attendees and create excitement by volunteering at registration. Help NASPA create a welcoming, inclusive environment from the moment your colleagues arrive at the event. Sign up by following the on-site volunteer instructions you receive in the welcome e-mail a week prior to the event.

Serve as a Program Reviewer - Elevate collective knowledge by spending a few hours reading and learning about what your colleagues are doing and thinking on their campuses, while providing feedback on program proposals. Programs are selected largely in part due to reviewer feedback. Play a role in selecting programs for conferences and help colleagues hone their skills. Opportunities to serve as a program reviewer are posted on Volunteer Central. Be sure to sign up 4 months prior to the event to make sure you are selected.

Submit a Program - NASPA programs are great because of the Association’s fantastic members. Share your knowledge by presenting at a NASPA event. Each event is different, but the call for programs opens approximately 6 months prior to an event and closes 3-4 months prior to the event. Visit the event websites to learn what types of programs and what kind of content the advisory committees need.

Serve as a Faculty Member - Create and deliver content at NASPA’s intimate, faculty led events. Faculty create community, facilitate thoughtful discussion, and move the field forward by sharing their time and expertise. Serving as a faculty member is by invitation.

Serve on an Advisory Committee - Consult on big picture programmatic content, participate in the program selection process, identify and recruit keynote speakers, build community among participants, and engage in critical thinking with fellow content experts. Opportunities to serve on advisory committees are posted in Volunteer Central 8-16 months prior to the conference.

Write a Blog - Share your newfound knowledge, generate excitement, and connect people and ideas through the NASPA Blog. Write about how excited you are to see the keynote speaker, your experience at the conference, or elevate new ideas. To help spread the word, e-mail the NASPA staff member listed on the event page of the website.

Promote Engagement on Social Media - At select conferences, NASPA turns over our social media to a group of volunteers to create a lively, real-time conversation with event participants. You’ll train with a team and NASPA staff members to develop your social media skills and promote maximum engagement onsite. Look for opportunities on Volunteer Central a month prior to conference dates.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer Central. 

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