Oregon Assessment in Student Affairs Conference

September 12, 2016
Portland State University

Student Affairs staff must tell their story of how programs and services contribute to the total student experience. Now more than ever, student affairs staff must tell their story (and students’ stories) of how programs and services contribute to the total student experience. These stories provide a counterbalance to the rising cost of education, diminishing federal and state funding and the increasing scrutiny by regional accrediting bodies, so we can share the value of investing in education for parents and students who are questioning the worth of a college degree. But how do you effectively collect data, both qualitative and quantitative, and use findings to weave together a story that is compelling, relatable, and gives voice to the data? Learn how at this student conference.

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This one-day, drive-in conference is tailored to all levels of assessment proficiency. Participants will develop assessment skills necessary to create effective assessment plans, including how to create learning and development outcomes; select data collection and management methods; select and create assessment instruments; analyze and interpret data, and communicate assessment findings. Call for proposals and registration is now open. Please submit by July 15, 2016. You will be notified within two weeks of submission of decision.

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We have 10 graduate student scholarships. This means 10 qualified graduate students attend free! Just follow this link


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Region V


This event is most likely to influence these groups.

  • AVP or “Number Two”
  • Faculty
  • Graduate
  • Mid-Level
  • New Professional
  • Senior Level
  • Undergraduate
  • Vice President for Student Affairs


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