NASPA Community Colleges Symposium Series at Spokane Falls Community College

July 18

The NASPA Community Colleges Symposium Series (CCSS) is a unique opportunity for community college student affairs/services professionals to engage with one another in their back yard. The CCSS is a high-quality, low-cost professional development event with a curriculum designed by and for community college staff with varying experience levels.


Distinctive for its open door admissions policies, workforce training and responses to changing needs in society, the community and two-year colleges have secured their place in the history of higher education in America. Community colleges continue to be the primary door to accessibility and educational opportunity, while insuring diversity in post-secondary education.

NASPA stands ready to address the professional development needs of community college student services professionals by providing opportunitites to build skills and knowledge about student affairs to prepare them for future challenges. The Community Colleges Symposium Series is designed by and for community college professionals. This event will provide attendees a framework to understand the context and role of community colleges in America, how each person contributes to these colleges' success, and the ways in which our work contributes to student success in higher education. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • contextualize the community college experience in the history of higher education;
  • apply student development theory and adult learning theory to current practice;
  • develop multicultural competence and envision ways services can be enhanced or expanded to meet the needs of the diverse community college population;
  • explore unique and innovative ways in which individuals can advance the field and work of community college student affairs professionals;
  • connect the Professional Competencies for Student Affairs Practitioners and NASPA’s Focus Areas to the professional development of community college student affairs administrators;and
  • utilize the NASPA Community Colleges Division to serve as a resource to support student affairs work and/or development at community colleges.

Symposium Benefits

The NASPA Community College Symposium Series is a fantastic way to engage with community college professionals throughout your state and NASPA Region (for a detailed description of the regions, click here). Attendees leave the symposium with practical advice for supporting their students in addition to new connections outside of their campus. 


Presented By

Community Colleges Division


This event is most likely to influence these groups.

  • Mid-Level
  • New Professional
  • Undergraduate


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