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October 7, 2019

Dr. Jazmin Letamendi is the Associate Director of Student Transition Programs at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) City University of New York and manages the assessment and data committee as part of the LKC Region II leadership team.

Why did you join the LKC?

Since relocating to New York from Florida, I’ve always had a desire to connect and stay engaged. I spoke with Evelyn Ortega at the NASPA National Conference in Philadelphia about my interest in volunteering in a committee, and the rest is history! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by colleagues who are passionate about higher education and the field of student affairs.

Why did you choose your higher ed career path?

I choose my path in student affairs because it was a calling and the work felt purposeful for me as a professional. As a first-generation college student, having mentors and educators who helped me along the way in my academics and career influenced me to giveback to our next generation of students. This desire and ambition for empowering students and the academic setting led me to pursue a PhD (right after getting an MS in College Student Affairs) and develop a scientific ambition for contributing to the body of knowledge surrounding our field. For my dissertation, I developed a novel, statistical formula for quantifying student engagement, which confirms and predicts students’ level of engagement and involvement on campus, regardless of academic level. The formula is called HAFSE/ISEI (Hypothetical Algebraic Formula for Student Engagement/Index of Student Engagement and Involvement). My study included hundreds of participants from colleges and universities in over 45 states across the US.

Share with us a fun fact. It can be silly, funny, random, or anything you want to make it.

A fun fact about me is that I recently became a mother to beautiful baby girl and named her Rose, so that we could both have flower names. Us women are like flowers, all special in our own unique ways. Another fun fact is that I am a co-founder of Ology Research Group, have a really cool podcast called ORGANON with over 100 episodes, which can be found on iTunes, Stitcher and the Google Playstore.

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