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Stacey Malaret

June 3, 2019

Hello! Please consider submitting an abstract for consideration for the Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community submission to the KC Online Publication! The submission form may be viewed here:  

The full KC Online Publication may be viewed here:   

All abstract submissions are due by June 30.  Please contact Stacey Malaret (SLPKC Literature Review Chair) at with any questions!

If your abstract is selected by the SLPKC you will be asked to write the full article for submission to the KC Online Publication. Your article should focus on a topic that is relevant to the Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community. The article should allow you to share research, best practices, new approaches or new knowledge that complement or challenge existing theories, trends, or ways of thinking. Please keep in mind that the article should not read like a sound bite or commercial plug, nor is it expected that the articles reflect empirical research or contain purely anecdotal information. However, if the article is based on original data, appropriate IRB approvals should be obtained from relevant universities or organizations.

In order to ensure that all requirements and deadlines are met, please follow these guidelines in preparing your article for submission:

1.  Your article should be a maximum of 1250 words (including references).

2.  Your article must be submitted in MS Word, Calibri, 12-point font.

3.  Your article must follow APA style guidelines (including your citations and references).

4.  Your article should support at least one of the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners. Please list as many professional competency areas that you feel are advanced by your article and list the primary competency area first, as we will include this information in the publication. You can read more about the competency areas here:

5.  Your article should include at the top of your first page:

•             KC name

•             Title of article

•             Primary professional competency area (only one)

•             Author name(s)

•             Author(s) work title

•             Author(s) institution

•             Author(s) email address

•             Author(s) phone number.

Please do not include a separate title page.

6.  Please remember to check your article for spelling and grammar. A good tip is to let others read the article before submitting so that it reads clearly. The National KC Chairs/Co-Chairs have the responsibility for reviewing the content submitted to ensure a high quality article is submitted for publication.

The article will go through two to three rounds of review with the KC Publication Committee. Authors should anticipate this process occurring between September 2019 and January 2020.

If your abstract is not selected we may reach out to your with other opportunities to present your information within the SLPKC. Please contact Stacey Malaret at with any questions!

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