Men of Color Mentorship at Truckee Meadows Community College

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YeVonne Allen, Program Director

September 9, 2019

The Men of Color Mentorship Program (MOC) at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) is an outreach college-preparation program focused on inspiring, guiding, and motivating underrepresented high school sophomores to graduate high school and attend college. MOC began serving students in 2016 at a Washoe County School District high school with a cohort of ten students. From then, MOC has expanded to three more high schools and currently serves about 80 students. Of those 80 students 72% identify as Hispanic/Latino, 12% identify as Asian/Pacific Islander, 8% identify as multiracial, 5% identify as Black/African American, & 3% identify as Native American.

Through one-on-one/small group mentoring, peer socials, family engagement programming, and postsecondary education opportunities, MOC mentees will demonstrate professionalism, employ leadership skills, learn to navigate college, articulate components of their identity, and give back to the community. These skills will prepare mentees to successfully transition to college and meet the demands of the workforce in Nevada. Last June, the first cohort graduated from high school with a rate of 90%. Of those students, seven (63%) continued their education at a postsecondary institution, 1 (9%) joined the armed forces, and three (27%) went straight to the workforce.

For more information on Men of Color contact: Miguel Martinez, MAEd,

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