Call for Nominations for the next Region V Regional Director

Region V

October 13, 2019

Call for Regional Director Nominations

Region V Colleagues –

Region V is soliciting nominations for the next Region V Regional Director (RD).  The RD is a key position within the Region and on the NASPA Board of Directors.  The RD position description as approved by the NASPA Board of Directors includes:

  1. Serve as the regional representative on the NASPA Board of Directors
  2. Coordinate regional activities as an official spokesperson for the Association in the Region
  3. Serve as the official representative of the Association at meetings of other associations in the region, when requested by the Chair or Board of Directors
  4. Inform members and affiliates within the region of activities by regular communications or meetings
  5. Plan and conduct regional activities which are scheduled at the NASPA Annual Conference
  6. Strengthen membership in the Association
  7. Develop, maintain, and participate in succession planning for new Regional Directors

The term for this position is as follows:

            March 2020 to March 2021: NASPA Regional Director-Elect

            March 2021 to March 2023: NASPA Regional Director

            March 2023 to March 2024: NASPA Past Regional Director

Ask questions and submit nominations to Scott McAward, NASPA Region V Past Regional Director, at  Self-nominations are accepted.  The nomination process is confidential.  Please include nominee contact information. 


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