Building an Intercultural Resource Center at Coastline College

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Kate Mueller, Ed.D., Vice President of Student Services, Coastline College

October 4, 2019

We’re on the tail end of an AANAPISI (Asian American Native American Pacific Islander) Title III grant that has helped Coastline College establish an Intercultural Resource Center, and, develop substantial and significant engagement opportunities for students.

One of the highlights in the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) is the peer mentorship program. To quote the program’s recruitment statement: “The mentorship program is a space for each student to focus on their personal and academic growth. We understand that our students have multiple roles and responsibilities that go beyond the classroom. Whether it is work, family, or friends, students have a lot to balance! Each student meets with a mentor they work one-on-one with throughout the year. With their mentor, student address challenges they are dealing with, identify long term and short terms goals, and create effective plans that promote academic and personal success. The mentorship program helps students hone their skills and identify resources that will aid in their success.  92.3% of our students pass their courses every semester. Mentorship is a wonderful resource at the IRC that will help you hit the ground running in every aspect of your life.” 

The IRC also focuses on advocacy, empowerment, and self-exploration – and the programs and activities are open to all students. Each semester there is a cultural tour of an Orange County area (such as Little Saigon, or the murals in Santa Ana which celebrate and document Mexican heritage); and each fall the IRC hosts a Youth Leadership Conference. 

Coastline College was recently designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), and we couldn’t be more delighted to be recognized for the LatinX community whom we passionately serve. 

Coastline is currently working on plans to institutionalize our IRC, and to take what we have learned and broaden our reach to students. Recently, our IRC Director took on the additional responsibilities of Student Life, which focuses on civic engagement and student leadership development. This ‘merger’ will enable the Director to expand the intercultural and multicultural endeavors to students across the college.

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