The Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community (LKC) was formally established in 2002 and is one of four ethnic-based NASPA Knowledge Communities.   The LKC actively promotes the empowerment of NASPA members through education, research, shared knowledge, and mentoring initiatives, including:

  • Advocacy
  • Opportunities to connect with student affairs professionals locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Learning and sharing of best practices
  • Influencing policy and political change
  • Volunteer and professional development opportunities

The LKC works in collaboration with other higher education and national partners to advance and support increased understanding of Latinx/a/o issues and experiences, as well as the development and advancement of policies and action related to Latinx/a/o national issues.  Recent partners include the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Community College Division Latino Task Force, Eastern Connecticut University, Florida Atlantic University, Latinos in Higher Ed, Rutgers University, San Diego State University, University of New Mexico, Voto Latino, and Whittier College.