NASPA knowledge community adult learners and students with children


The Adult Learner and Students with Children (ALSC) KC increases awareness, disseminates information, identifies resources and tracks academic and demographic trends concerning these typically under-represented but growing, and frequently intersecting, populations of students. All of our efforts are ultimately focused on increasing the recruitment, admission, retention and graduation of this demographic.

As a Knowledge Community we find recognition of Outstanding Programs to be one of our most important missions. Our community offers three awards to recognize the amazing work done by our colleagues in the field. To apply for our awards, and to see what kind of programs have won in the past, please visit our awards page.

The ALSC KC proudly presents a Learning Module for college personnel interested in supporting Adult Learners and Student Parents at their universities. "Advocating for Pregnant and Parenting Students: How to be Proactive not Reactive" is available for only $49 to NASPA members or free for ALSC KC members. If you are a ALSC KC member, write to Martha Harper for an access code.

The Professional Competencies for our profession are a foundational document to our knowledge community. Read the new and updated professional competencies from NASPA here. ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators watch the free NASPA video on professional competency for knowledge communities here. NASPA Video