What the Community Colleges Division Does:
  • Explore the impact of national issues in a community college context
  • Identify and support community colleges role in providing student services and programming with diminishing resources
  • Inform the profession about new research and practices regarding community college students and professionals
  • Offer assistance to colleagues as they explore pathways and possibilities offered by community colleges
  • Promotes and encourages program proposals and engagement from technical and community college staff and regional and national conferences and events
  • Provides a number of signature initiatives for professional development including the Community Colleges Institute, Community College Symposium Series, NASPA Community College Online (NCC Online) Series, and the Latinx/a/o Task Force.
Mission Statement:

The Community Colleges Division seeks to provide a space for community college professionals to connect with one another while providing scholarship, advocacy, and engagement. We provide a venue for discussion, research, and the distribution of information about community colleges.

Interested in Getting Involved?

We welcome the participation of any individual who either works at or has an interest in community colleges and we hope to be place for discussion, learning, and innovation. We hope to make the Community Colleges Division a place for graduate students, faculty, and student affairs professionals to connect and share knowledge and experience. 

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