NUFP 25th Anniversary Celebration Toolkit

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Thank you for your interest in celebrating 25 years of NUFP. We want to know who is interested in celebrating, so after you fill out this form, you will receive an email with the link to the 25th Anniversary Celebration resource kit. The resource kit webpage includes a copy of a resolution celebrating NUFP that was passed at the 2014 NASPA Business Meeting, a list of suggested program ideas for your campus to celebrate NUFP, spotlights of NUFP Fellows and alumni, and other resources.

After you celebrate the program, we want to know how it went. Please send any materials, pictures, or other information to Matt McCabe in the NASPA Office either through email at or Attn: NUFP Celebration | 111 K Street, NE | 10th Floor | Washington, DC 20002 by February 1 so we can showcase your celebration at the annual conference in New Orleans, LA. 

NUFP 25th Anniversary Resolution

During the 2014 Annual Business Meeting in Baltimore, MD, NASPA passed a resolution celebrating the history of NUFP. This information is has also been put into a visual timeline below, but this one pager gives an overview of what NUFP is and the impact it has made over the past 25 years.

NUFP 25th Anniversary Resolution

New NUFP Logos

The NUFP Board is excited to debut the new NUFP logo and Tagline. The NUFP Logo pays respect to the original MUFP logo of a torch, which the tagline was sourced from NUFP Family and Friends. Please download the logos, either all in a zip file, or individually. 

NUFP Logo Style Guide

NUFP Logos Zip File

Individual NUFP Logos

Campus Celebration Ideas

It's up to each campus to decide how to celebrate the program, but we have provided the word document below as a starting point. Regardless of how you celebrate, make sure to capture the experience and share with the NASPA office once complete!

Campus Celebration Ideas

NUFP History Timeline

NUFP has had a rich history over the past 25 years, and this document outlines just some of the highlights of the program. 

NUFP History Timeline

NUFP History Timeline

NUFP Testimonial Posters

The impact of NUFP can be captured in no better way than through the voices of the alumni. We have created a few posters to highlight the program, and we encourage you to make your own NUFP Testimonial Posters. Once created, please be sure to share it with the office so we can add them here.

NUFP Testimonials Zip File

Individual NUFP Testimonial Pictures (click to download)

chris woods testimonial Ebenezer Yebuah testimonial fanny he testimonial
isabella villacampa testimonial nischela meni testimonial Tiffani Kelly testimonial
Wendolens Ruano testimonial Ali Raza testimonial  Danielle Quiñones-Ortega testimonial
Kimberly Lowry testimonial K.C. Mmeje testimonial Junior Peña testimonial
Jaclyn Hawkins testimonial Huong Nguyen testimonial Zduy Peter Chu testimonial
Christian Garcia testimonial Antonio Duran testimonial Kim McAloney testimonial
Jude Legiste testimonial Marcus Jones testimonial Akirah Bradley testimonial

If you haven't already, please make sure to sign up on the NUFP 25th Anniversary Celebration Toolkit Request Form to stay informed of all things NUFP and to suggest your ideas in how to celebrate. 

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