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No matter if you are an undergraduate student just discovering student affairs as a career option or a seasoned veteran looking for that next career move, NASPA serves all professional levels at all times. Explore the pages below to find out how.

Careers in Student Affairs

NASPA is an organization of colleges, universities, agencies, and professional educators whose members are committed to providing services and education that enhance student growth and development. The association seeks to promote student personnel work as a profession which requires personal integrity, belief in the dignity and worth of individuals, respect for individual differences and diversity, a commitment to service, and dedication to the development of individuals and the college community through education.

Visit NASPA's annual celebration of student affairs, Careers in Student Affairs Month, for more information on how you can join the profession and for resources to get you going on a path as a student affairs practitioner.

Find a Job

The Placement Exchange (TPE) is the definitive resource for the student affairs job placement process. With dynamic, online information as well as powerful networking opportunities and a first-class job placement event, TPE is dedicated to helping candidates find that perfect job, and helping institutions find that perfect hire. Founded in 2006, the strength of The Placement Exchange comes from the combined resources of its partner associations.

The Placement Exchange (TPE)
The Placement Exchange
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Interim Executive Placement Services

Interim Executive Placement Services provide reliable and high quality services to NASPA member institutions who would benefit from an interim administrator. NASPA is partnering with Keeling & Associates, LLC, to offer substantially redesigned and enhanced Interim Executive Placement Services (IEPS).

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Professional Levels

No matter your professional level, NASPA helps you succeed by offering education, programs, publications, and networks specifically tailored to your. See each professional level to view an aggregate of what NASPA provides.

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Vice President for Student Affairs

Vice Presidents of Student Affairs must lead not only their divisions but their institutions as well. NASPA can help.

AVP or “Number Two”

If you report to the chief student affairs officer, you have a unique and challenging role. NASPA is here for you!

Senior Level

As a senior level student affairs professional, you are part of your division’s leadership team. Leadership is hard. NASPA can help.


Mid-level professionals wear many hats and manage multiple responsibilities, both personally and professionally. Engagement in NASPA helps you thrive.

New Professional

The demands and transitions for a new professional are numerous. NASPA provides support, networks, and education to help you succeed.


Engaging all your resources in graduate school leads to success. See how NASPA offers tailored engagement, resources, and scholarship just for you.


Whether you are a first-year in college or a graduating senior, we offer the pathway to see if a career in student affairs might be for you.


Whether you are a full-time, tenured faculty member, or a Vice President who teaches as an adjunct faculty member, NASPA is here for you!

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