What is NASPA?

    NASPA is the leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession. We serve a full range of students and professionals who provide programs, experiences, and services that cultivate student learning and success in concert with the mission of our colleges and universities. Founded in 1919, NASPA comprises more than 15,000 members in all 50 states, 25 countries, and 8 U.S. Territories.  

    What does NASPA stand for?

    Historically, NASPA stands for National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.  However, we have updated the name of the association to NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

    Who can become a member of NASPA?

    NASPA serves the full range of student affairs professionals, from vice presidents and deans, to all levels of professionals working within housing and residence life, student unions, student activities, counseling, career development, orientation, enrollment management, racial and ethnic minority support services, and retention and assessment.  NASPA also serves students; both graduate and doctoral students working towards careers in the field, as well as undergraduates who are exploring career options within the student affairs profession.

    How can I become a NASPA member?

    Becoming a NASPA member first requires that you create an online profile. Once you have created a profile, you can start the join process, answering a series of questions to determine the correct member type.  If you require assistance, please contact the Membership Department at (202) 719-1161 or by email

    Are NASPA Memberships transferable/refundable?

    NASPA memberships are non-transferable/non-refundable.  They may not be transferred individual-to-individual or institution-to-institution.  With institutional membership, the designation of the Voting Delegate's complimentary membership may be reassigned by contacting the Membership Department at (202) 719-1161 or by email

    Does an institutional membership include each individual professional at the institution?

    NASPA membership is on an individual basis. Whether or not your institution is a member of NASPA determines your appropriate member type. Professionals as NASPA member institutions are eligible to join as the subsidized member type, Professional Affiliate. Institutional membership does include a complimentary individual membership for the Voting Delegate.  Please note:  In order to receive discounted member pricing on NASPA registrations and products, the individual must retain an active individual membership.  

    Can I pay membership over the phone?

    We are happy to process payment for membership over the phone. If you are joining for the first time, we ask that you create an online profile and then the membership department can assist you in choosing the right member type and processing dues payment. 

    Can I purchase multiple memberships with a single payment transaction?

    Yes, you can.  Please contact the Membership Department by calling (202) 719-1161 or by email with the names of the individuals and we can create a consolidated invoice of all of their dues that may be settled with a single payment.  Please note that each individual must complete their online profile prior to requesting an invoice. 

    How do I register for an event?

    ·        Log in to the NASPA site using your email address and password, or create an online profile if you do not already have one. Contact us if you have forgotten which email address you used to create your profile or if you need your password reset.

    ·        Go to the EVENTS section of the website, locate the event you wish to attend, follow the link to the event’s page and click the Register button.  

    ·        Complete the registration forms by filling out all required fields and selecting "Next" to advance through the pages.

    ·        Once all forms have been completed, you will be prompted to review your registration to ensure accuracy. 

    ·        Select "Register Now” and you will be taken to the payment page.  Selecting “Bill Me” as the payment type completes your registration and secures a slot to attend the event, however the registration remains unpaid. It is the responsibility of the registrant to take the necessary steps to remit payment.

    Can I register someone else for an event?

    Registration for NASPA Events must be completed logged-in under the profile of the registrant.  Registering another participant under your own profile will result in incomplete registrations that will be canceled. If you wish to register someone else and do not have access to their log-in credentials, please do so by phone at (202) 265-7500 ext. 1183.

    Can I register for an event over the phone?

    We are happy to process payment for registrations over the phone, however we encourage the completion of registration forms online to ensure accuracy.  Please contact the Event Registration line at (202) 265-7500 ext. 1883 or by email

    Can I renew my membership/join as a new member when registering an event and receive the member rate?

    No, membership must be paid for prior to receiving the  member rate for a conference. If you'd like to do this as a single payment, please contact us. Please note memberships are not billable. Therefore, if you are not prepared to make payment, you must complete separate transactions. If your organization currently has an institutional membership, that DOES NOT guarantee event member pricing. If you have additional membership related questions feel free to contact member services at 202-265-7500 ext. 1161. For event related questions please call (202) 265-7500 ext. 1183 or by email for assistance. 

    How do I receive a discount code for multiple registrants from my institution for an event?

    The group discount can only be applied to a registration for current NASPA members. The NASPA Annual Conference does not offer a group registration discount. For other select events, NASPA may offer a discount for members registering in groups of two or more individuals from a single institution. If an event is offering the group discount, it will be detailed on the registration page for that event. Please verify discount information on the event page prior to requesting this discount. To apply for this discount, email your request in writing to events@naspa.org prior to applying payment to your registration. Your request must include all registrants’ full names, the institution name, and the title of the event. The membership department will follow up for any additional information required and provide a personalized discount code each member of your group to use when processing payment.

Where should my payment be sent?

Payments for Membership and National Events (excluding Annual Conference) should be sent to:

Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
NASPA CL ID# 500016
PO Box 5007
Merrifield, VA 22116-5007
United States

Payments for Annual Conference should be sent to:

Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
NASPA CL ID# 500013
PO Box 5007
Merrifield, VA 22116-5007
United States

Payments for Regional Events should be sent to:

Regional Accounts Coordinator
111 K St NE, 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20002
United States

How do I retrieve an invoice?

·      Log in to the NASPA website using your email address and password.

·       Once logged in, click My Orders.

How do I pay an open order?

·        Log in to the NASPA website using your email address and password.

·       Once logged in, click My Orders.

·       Follow the prompts to enter payment information and submit payment for your order.

What is ACH? Can I pay by check?

ACH is an electronic check payment system. To pay by ACH, you'll need:

·       Name of Account Holder

·       Type of Account (Checking or Savings)

·       Account Number

·       Bank Routing Number

During the checkout process, you may select “ACH” as the payment type and enter this information. You can also pay by check by mailing your payment to NASPA.

How does the “Bill Me” payment method work?

NASPA offers a “Bill Me” payment method for those wishing to complete an order but defer payment. Available on registrations, the “Bill Me” payment option will create a downloadable invoice available for remittance to campus business offices. Using this payment method secures an event registration slot although the order is still considered unpaid. Please note: if payment is received after the deadline for the rate supplied at the time of registration, NASPA will assess a late payment fee of $25.00 on registrations up to $200.00, and $50.00 on registrations greater than $200.00. After selecting “Bill Me” there are two options for settling the balance due: an online payment at a later time via NASPA website profile or your financial institution may remit check payment.

What forms of payment does NASPA accept?

NASPA accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks, and electronic checks (called “ACH” in our payment system). NASPA accepts wire transfers from organizations outside of the United States. NASPA does not accept Purchase Orders (P.O.) as payment, however orders, including registrations, may be completed using the “Bill Me” payment option. This will create a downloadable invoice that can be accessed through the NASPA profile that created the order, and be used for remittance to campus business offices. 

How can I pay by wire transfer?

NASPA only accepts wire transfers individuals and organizations outside of the United States, and only when a secure credit card payment is not possible. Note: Wire transfer payments can only be processed once a confirmation number of the funds transfer (not the wire order) has been remitted. 

Please notify NASPA when you make a bank transfer. Use the following information to complete your wire transfer request with your bank:

Bank Address:

TD Bank
1030 15th St. NW
Washington, DC 20005

Bank Phone: (202) 682-2371