William Leftwich Award for Outstanding New Professional in NASPA Region III

The individual nominated must meet the following criteria:

1.  May not have served more than three years in a full-time position in student affairs;

2.  Will be judged on contributions to NASPA and contributions to the individual’s employer institution(s);

3.   Has performed all aspects of his/her job in an exemplary manner;

4. Must include a supporting letter from the immediate supervisor as one of the letters of support; and

5.  Must be a current member of NASPA Region III.

Award Information

Deadline: Feb. 15, 2019

Please click on Apply Now for further instructions regarding submitting a nomination, as well as to determine the current year's submission deadline

Questions regarding the awards process can be directed to:

Dr. Gloria Laureano and Meredith Conrey
Co-Chairs, Region III Awards and Nominations
at glaurean@kennesaw.edu and meredithconrey@shsu.edu

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