Region VI Knowledge Community Achievement Award for Collaboration and Visibility

The Knowledge Community Achievement Award for Collaboration and Visibility is conferred upon a Knowledge Community or representatives who have demonstrated high visibility and collaborative efforts within the region. The recipient will receive $500 for their Knowledge Community budget, to be used for the creation of knowledge, marketing for increased membership, awards, speakers, retreats, and/or events at the regional conference, etc.

Award Criteria:

  • Collaboration with one or more Knowledge Communities in the region by promoting workshops, symposia, publications, programs and services
  • Sponsored events or workshops at regional and/or annual conferences
  • Relevant information sharing through poster/information displays or NASPA publications
  • Visibility of the Knowledge Community via the web and/or social media

Award Information

Deadline: Jul. 31, 2019

Apply Now

Nominating someone is easy! One person should coordinate the submission and follow these steps.

  • STEP 1: Write a letter of nomination

  • STEP 2: Collect one (1) letter of support or endorsement from the National KC Chair(s) and/or Regional KC Coordinator(s).

  • STEP 3: The person coordinating the nomination should gather the nomination materials then go online to submit. You must upload all of the information at the same time. This person should then submit the nomination letter, 1 letter of support online.

  • STEP 4: Submit the nomination by the published deadline!

Questions? Sherry Mallory, Nominations and Awards Co-Chair, at slmallory@ucsd.edu.

Current Recipients

Past Recipients

  • 2017 | Elaine Tamargo

    - Asian Pacific Islander Knowledge Community (APIKC)

  • 2015 | Briseida Elenes

    - Latino/a Knowledge Community

  • 2013 |

    - Men and Masculinities Knowledge Community

  • 2012 |

    - Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community

  • 2011 |

    - Latino/Latina Knowledge Community

  • 2010 |

    - Latino/Latina Knowledge Community

  • 2009 |

    - African American Knowledge Community

  • 2008 |

    - Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community

  • 2007 |

    - Asian Pacific Islander Knowledge Community

  • 2006 |

    - African American Knowledge Community