NASPA IV-West Social Justice and Inclusion Award

The recipient of this award will be the Region IV-West nominee for the Bobby E. Leach Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award at the national level.  This award honors a student affairs professional or faculty member who has demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion throughout their administrative or academic tenure.

To be eligible to receive the award, each applicant must:

  • Have a strong and sustained record of professional and/or civic involvement in activities that promote diversity, and inclusion in education and/or the community

  • Be actively engaged in advocating for, and advancing, diversity and inclusion in the profession through one's administrative and/or academic work

  • Have a reputation for taking a stand on critical issues related to diversity, and inclusion even at risk to one's reputation and vocation

  • Be dedicated to creating a campus environment that is culturally diverse and accepting of differences

  • Be known as an individual whose work has "broken barriers" and in so doing has served as a role model, and helped to facilitate employment and educational access and opportunity, for others from diverse backgrounds

  • Be an active NASPA member

Award Information

Deadline: Jun. 21, 2019

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Current Recipients

  • Stacey Borboa-Peterson, Ph.D.
    Director of Multicultural Programs and Services - University of North Dakota

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Past Recipients

  • 2017 | Ryan K. Gove

    Director of Student Life - University of Kansas Medical Center

  • 2016 | Center for Multicultural Education

    - Missouri Western State University