Outstanding Program Bridging Civic Learning and Leadership Development

The purpose of this award is to recognize a program that sets out to effectively and intentionally facilitate both civic learning and student leadership development. This award demonstrates the interconnectedness of both Knowledge Communities and promotes the application of relevant theory to practice. The increased call for student affairs programs that ground leadership development within the community context allows this award to contribute to the larger dialogue taking place nationwide.

The award will be presented to the winner at the 2020 NASPA Annual Conference in March 2020.

This award is supported by the Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Knowledge Community and Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community

Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement

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Award Information

Deadline: Oct. 15, 2019

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Award Criteria

This award is available to institutions that have implemented a program or initiative that integrates civic learning and democratic engagement with student leadership development. Nominees for this award will have shown the ability to connect national standards and relevant theories to their work during the previous academic year. The programs or initiatives nominated will positively impact the campus or community in addition to student learning.

The following materials are required to nominate an Outstanding Program Bridging Civic Learning and Leadership Development:

  • institution must be a member of NASPA
  • one-page nomination letter
  • a minimum of two supporting letters and supporting evidence of the program in the form of assessment data and reports
  • advertising materials, testimonials and any other relevant documentation.

Past programs that have received the award are not eligible; however; recipients or nominees of the NASPA SLPKC Outstanding Leadership Program of the Year or NASPA CLDE KC Civic Engagement Collaborative Program awards are eligible.

  • Student learning outcomes are grounded in national standards, competencies and/or relevant theory
  • Program intentionally fuses outcomes related to student leadership development and civic learning and democratic engagement
  • Program has an established assessment plan
  • Evidence shown of student learning as well as impact on campus or community
  • Assessment results are being used to make continuous improvements
  • Program includes multiple areas of student affairs and/or academic affairs
  • Program shows an innovative approach to exploring outcomes

Current Recipients