Outstanding Member of the MultiRacial KC

This MultiRacial Knowledge Community award for “Outstanding Member of the MRKC” recognizes a leader in the MRKC who has given their time, energy, influence and dedication to the knowledge community. This person can be a member of the Leadership Team, a member of the regional leadership team, contributed a blog or an article, volunteered on a committee, etc.

  • This nominee must be a member of NASPA and the MRKC.

  • This nominee may not be a previous winner of this award.

Award Information

Deadline: Oct. 15, 2019

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Current Recipients

Past Recipients

  • 2018 | Benjamin Beltran

    Academic Advisor - Trinity Washington University

  • 2017 | Abby Chien

    Program Manager in Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs - University of Michigan

  • 2016 | Erica Zamora

    Residential Community Director - SMU Service House and Coordinator, Community Engagement and Leadership Center - Southern Methodist University

  • 2015 | Matthew Jeffries

    Academic Advisor - Washington State University

  • 2014 | Lynell Hodge

    Area Coordinator - University of Central Florida

  • 2014 | Christina Wan

    Hall Director, Pride Rock - Texas A & M University – Commerce