Outstanding Contribution to Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize two individuals for their commitment to and excellence within the field of sexual and relationship violence prevention.  Far too often, professionals in this specialized area of work go without acknowledgement of the important contributions that they bring to the Student Affairs profession.   As an area of professional practice, we strive for the holistic health and development of students, and understand that this development is often deeply impacted by sexual and relationship violence. Recognizing professionals who are personally and professionally vested in doing this work successfully should be recognized for the betterment of college campuses and community partnerships.  The purpose of this award is to create a standard of excellence within the Student Affairs profession that will recognize exemplary colleagues in the world of sexual and relationship violence prevention.  

This award is open to graduate students and professional staff, faculty, and administrators working within the field of sexual and relationship violence prevention. Nominees for this award will have demonstrated a strong dedication to sexual and relationship violence prevention, not risk reduction, and developed, implemented, and/or supported effective prevention efforts on their campus and/or in their community during the academic year in which the award is presented. Commitment in the form of programming, research, service, and/or mentorship will be supported through this award.

The following materials are required to nominate individuals for this award:

  • One-page nomination letter
  • Two letters of support  
  • Artifacts supporting the work of the candidate.  This could be in the form of advertising materials, press coverage, testimonials, and any other relevant documentation of the collaboration.

Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, and Response

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Deadline: Oct. 15, 2019

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