Gender and Sexuality Knowledge Community Conference Scholarship Award

The Gender and Sexuality Knowledge Community Conference Scholarship  award is intended to alleviate some of the financial burden, which trans and queer populations face at higher rates, associated with attending the NASPA Annual Conference. This scholarship award will assist one (1) NASPA graduate member who identifies as TQPoC to attend the NASPA Annual Conference that has a demonstrated financial need, which will include funding to pay for conference registration. The recipient will have been engaged in some way with the expansive, intersectional communities that make up the Gender and Sexuality community within the context of higher education.

Required Criteria

Eligible individuals must self-identify in the following identities:

  • Having a historically marginalized gender identity (e.g., trans, nonbinary, gender non-conforming) and/or marginalized sexual orientation (e.g., queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or having a host of other marginalized sexualities associated with the umbrella term “queer”); and
  • Having a historically marginalized racial identity as a person of color (e.g., Black/African American, Latinx/a/o, Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Native American, Alaskan Native, Middle Eastern, North African, biracial, multiracial, and/or other non-dominant racial identities).

Applicants or nominees must name the specific ways they engaged through their lived experience, leadership, or scholarship, with the expansive, intersectional communities that make up the Gender and Sexuality community within the context of higher education.

Applicants must include in their materials:

  • A very brief (maximum 250 words) description of how the GSKC scholarship award would benefit the applicant’s professional development/growth.
  • A brief (maximum 500 words and/or 5 minutes video-time) response to the questions:  (1) How did you develop your passion for working with TQPoC students and/or issues (and/or other marginalized communities)? (2) How have you demonstrated your commitment to these communities?
  • A full budget for attending the NASPA Annual Conference outlining if other funding is available/awarded.

Recipients of this scholarship award will:

  • Receive a grant for the rate of NASPA Annual Conference registration for graduate students.
  • Be highlighted through the GSKC’s social media, email communication, and blog postings.
  • Attend the GSKC Awards Reception during the NASPA Annual Conference for recognition.
  • Report back to the GSKC about their NASPA Annual Conference experience (this is not meant to be an obstacle and/or deterrent, but is to gauge how the scholarship award was integral in their ability to participate in professional development).

Preferred Criteria

We encourage all NASPA graduate and new professional members to apply, especially those who do not have leadership roles within a NASPA Knowledge Community that is explicitly tasked with responsibilities of intersectional professional practice, service, and research.

Additionally, the GSKC acknowledges that standard submissions for scholarships awards is not always the best format for everyone, so we encourage submissions that may include video, think pieces, works of art, and/ or letters of support from a colleague who can speak to your strengths. There will be a section to add additional materials.

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Deadline: Oct. 23, 2019

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