Men and Masculinities KC On Campus Service Award

Awarded to someone who:

  • Has made a positive and significant impact for college men, at the campus level.
  • Has assisted in increasing the involvement and engagement of college men.
  • Has improved the development of socially just leadership among college men on their campus.
  • Has made sustained contributions, above and beyond the assigned duties of their role, relating to gender and/or masculinities.
  • Is a member or affiliate of NASPA.
  • Has not have previously received this award.

Men and Masculinities

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Award Information

Deadline: Oct. 15, 2019

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Current Recipients

Past Recipients

  • 2015 | Kevin T. Corn

    Area Coordinator - University of Richmond

  • 2014 | Osvaldo Del Valle

    Director of Student Conduct - California State University, San Francisco