Assessment, Evaluation and Research Knowledge Community Innovation Award

To recognize and honor our innovative colleagues in the field of Student Affairs Assessment

We are seeking nominations for the seventh annual NASPA Assessment, Evaluation and Research Knowledge Community Innovation Award to be presented at the 2019 NASPA Assessment, Persistence, and Data Analytics Conference in June 2019. The winner(s) of the award will be honored at the Keynote of the 2019 NASPA Assessment, Persistence, and Data Analytics Conference, have the opportunity to present their program at the conference and receive a $500 travel stipend in addition to conference registration costs.

Please take a moment to review the award description while considering both your own campus colleagues as well as colleagues from other campuses who have impressed you with their outstanding approach to assessment, evaluation, and/or research. 

Questions? Please contact:
Dr. Erica Eckert
Kent State University

Dr. D’Arcy Oaks
Ohio State University

Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

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Award Information

The application closed on March 31, 2019. 


This award will be given to an individual or assessment team who is actively involved in leading student affairs assessment activities, has been innovative in their assessment approach, and has demonstrated an impact of the culture of assessment within the department, division, or across campus. This approach should also clearly demonstrate how results have been implemented into practice.  Award submission will be evaluated  based on the Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community Innovation Award Evaluation Rubric.


  • Assessment approach is innovative
  • Data has been collected, analyzed and findings have been integrated into practice
  • The approach demonstrates a “best practice” and could be replicated on another campus

  • Please provide a detailed description addressing each of the criteria in the application in 1,250 words or less.
  • Please provide a maximum of three documents of support for the nomination. At least one document must be a letter of support from someone involved in or affiliated to the described assessment activity.
  • Additional documents of support can include reports of assessment findings or project briefs, the nominee’s resume, local newsletter or video highlights regarding the project, additional letters of recommendation, or other materials that illustrate the impact and scope of the innovative assessment.

Current Recipients

Past Recipients

  • 2018 | Elizabeth Osche

    - Endicott College

  • 2017 | Dawna Wilson Horton

    - Eastfield College: Dallas County Community College District

  • 2016 | DSAES Assessment Consultant Program

    - University of Houston

  • 2015 | Danthai Xayaphanh & Marla Franco

    - The University of Arizona

  • 2014 | Darby Roberts

    - Texas A & M University

  • 2013 | Michael Christakis

    - University at Albany