Poster Sessions

A poster session showcases research and/or institution programs. Unlike a general interest session, a poster session allows viewers to study and re-study your information and discuss it with you one-on-one. It combines text and graphics to make a visually pleasing presentation. As viewers walk by, your poster should quickly and efficiently communicate your topic. We encourage presenters to think ahead about engaging ways that attendees can interact with the information or as they walk through the poster session section of the exhibit hall.

The poster display should include:

  • a statement of the problem;
  • objectives of the research, project, or program;
  • methodology used to solve the problem or implement the program;
  • the major findings or outcomes and their significance; and
  • conclusions.

Presenters will be responsible for supplying all display materials and handouts. There will be specific times for the poster sessions in which the presenter must remain at the display board to answer questions and engage attendees in the contents of the display. If your poster session includes electrical equipment, please plan to provide your own source of power, (e.g., batteries). No electrical support or internet connections are available in the poster session area, please prepare for this ahead of time.

If your poster session is accepted,  you will be asked to email a picture file in .JPG format to a member of the Conference Leadership Committee to be uploaded to the conference site. We encourage you to consider submitting a proposal to present in this engaging and visually interesting format.

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