Candid Conversations

Candid Conversations provides one-on-one mentoring sessions for women at all professional levels during the NASPA Annual conference. Senior women leaders serve as "listeners" and meet with mentees. Listeners provide coaching and advice on a wide range of professional development and career issues. Consultations are confidential. Information and advice provided in mentoring sessions represent the opinions of the "Listener" and are not representations of NASPA as an association. There is no expectation of follow-up contact as part of the program, although this may occur by mutual consent.


Candid Conversations is sponsored by the NASPA Center for Scholarship, Research and Professional Development for Women. The program is based on a concept originally developed by the National Association for Women in Education (NAWE), an association of women that closed its doors several years ago and to which the Center is deeply indebted. The program was re-initiated by NASPA at the 2003 Annual Conference.

How It Works

Mentors and mentees each create a profile online.  The online system allows for the flexibility in the mentee to select their own mentor based on the areas they are matched in.  Once a mentee completes a profile, a list of mentors will be available in order of the most commonly matched fields.  Mentees are asked to select a match and connect with the mentor to finalize a time to meet at the NASPA Annual Conference.  A Candid Conversations room will be available for participants to engage during their time in San Antonio.

Registration for mentors is open.

Mentor Registration Here

Mentee Registration Here 

Registration for the program will close on Monday, March 6, in an effort to be mindful of scheduling and timing prior to the Annual Conference. 


Brandy S. Propst, M.Ed.
Candid Conversations Chair
Center for Women Board membe
(336) 728-6508