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Stay Engaged While Attending #NASPA17

We have tons of engagement activities at the 2017 NASPA Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. We have networking at the NASPA Grad Prep and Communities Fair on Monday night to competing in the inaugural NASPA Lip Sync Battle for complimentary registrations to #NASPA18 in Philadelphia on Tuesday. We also have Campus Tours to help you learn about the local institutions, and we even have Wellness dogs, brought in partnership with Delta Pet Partners, and other Wellness sessions in the NASPA Exhibit hall. These are just a few of the ways to engage in San Antonio. However, engagement doesn’t just happen before you set foot in San Antoino. The Member Engagement Team of the NASPA Annual Conference have create the following three ways for you to get engaged now for #NASPA17. Continue reading to find out some of the opportunities.  

Institutional Wordle

Of all the campuses in the nation, what makes students attend want to attend yours? Show us! No, really, show us what makes your campus so unique and special with an Institutional Wordle. Wordle is a tool to visually generate ‘word clouds’ from text you provide and allows you to use creativity with different layouts, fonts, and color schemes to emphasize those words. Submit a unique Wordle for your institution and allow us to share your creation at the 2017 NASPA Annual Conference in San Antonio! Follow the steps to join in the fun.

Step One

Using the Wordle philosophy, generate words to describe your campus. This could be to describe its culture, athletics, the orgs and academics. Anything counts.

Step Two

Creatively organize and emphasize your words. The more words, the better, and any shape is great. See the example below to give you an idea of what we are looking for, and feel free to use websites like Wordle, Tagul, or WordClouds to create your post. 

Step Three

Submit you Wordle by March 6. We will highlight selected Institutional Wordles throughout the NASPA Conference.

NASPA in a Nanosecond

Why are you attending the 2017 NASPA Annual Conference? Is it to present on an exciting and innovative topic? Perhaps it’s to learn and listen to what others have to say? Maybe it’s simply to connect with others and build connections? Whatever the reason may be, we want to know with NASPA in a Nanosecond. (We know that a nanosecond is one billionth of a second, but NASPA in Ten Seconds doesn't sound as cool). Post a 10 second Snapchat or Instagram video telling us why you’re attending the conference, making sure to geofilter your location and, if applicable, tag #NASPA17 and call out naspapics (Instagram) or NASPAsnaps (Snapchat).

Step One

Using your Snapchat or Instagram app, record your ten second video telling us why you’re attending the conference.

Step Two

Infuse your own creativity by adding your institution or city’s geotag, Emoji’s, and filters. See the example below to give you an idea of what we are looking for.

Step Three

Submit you post by March 6. We will highlight some voices throughout the NASPA Conference.

Route 99 to NASPA

Traveling to a conference can be uneventful. This year, we want to make it known that you’re in route to NASPA’s 99th annual conference. Wear your favorite college or university polo, t-shirt, hat, or tie (any logo apparel) as you make your way to San Antonio, Texas. Not only is it a great way to advertise for your institution, it is also a fun way to strike up a conversation and connect with colleagues from across the U.S. and around the world in an airport, on a train, in a taxi, or on the bus.

Whether you participate in one, two, or all three of these activities, we are excited to welcome over 6,000 of your closest student affairs friends and colleagues as we gather for #NASPA17 in San Antonio!

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