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Putting your best #NASPA17 submission forward

Deciding to submit a program for the 2017 NASPA Annual Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to present your scholarship to a network of over 6,000 SA pros. Crafting a program proposal that is engaging and full of dynamic content is an investment. Before you begin, spend time reflecting on your topical area, the hook of the content you want to convey to colleagues, and the best presentation mechanisms for doing so. This year’s conference is centered around NASPA’s four guiding principles of Integrity, Innovation, Inquiry, and Inclusion and since we’ll be gathering in San Antonio, Texas, we are encouraging presenters and participants to think BIG!

NASPA provides presenters with a myriad of ways to share content to colleagues at Annual Conference. The most common proposal submission comes is a General Interest Session, traditional program sessions that last for 50 minutes and take place throughout the conference. They are designed to be interactive conversations between presenters and participants, built upon innovative content around one of the many focus areas of student affairs. These sessions can either be submitted as a General Interest Session or a Constituent Sponsored Session, which is your indication as a presenter that you would like NASPA’s Constituent Groups, such as our Knowledge Communities and select Divisions, to consider sponsoring your session based on a common focus area. Programs submitted as a Constituent Sponsored Session will automatically be considered in the General Interest pool if not selected by the sponsoring group.

If your proposal is substantially research based or an institution centered program, a Poster Session might be a great option for getting your content great exposure throughout the conference in one of our central hubs, the NASPA Exhibit Hall. Poster session presenters are enabled to present their work in two ways—both as a visual representation that attendees can explore at their leisure, as well as in a live Poster Session presentation in which you will bring your poster to live and encourage discussion around your subject matter. The best posters combine text and graphical elements to present the topic in a visually engaging way, convey the subject and main points at quick glance, employ charts, graphs, and other optical dynamics, and leave the viewer eager to attend your session to learn more.

If you were born for the stage, SA Speaks (Student Affairs Speaks) might be a great way for you to add your perspective and personal narrative to the Conference. SA Speaks are 10-15 minute presentations that offer participants an inclusive platform for examining topics that are near and dear to the student affairs profession. SA Speaks provides a way to encourage discourse around ideas aimed at transforming the student affairs profession and innovations to the higher education landscape. These sessions enjoyed live at the annual conference, as well as recorded to be shared as a resource for the entire NASPA community.

Lastly, if you presenting isn’t your passion, you can also get involved by volunteering to review program proposals for the NASPA Annual Conference. By logging into the NASPA Engagement Portal, you can volunteer as a reviewer and declare your areas of expertise and interest. Most reviewers are assigned no more than eight program proposals, and the review process takes place entirely online. Program reviewers are provided a rubric to guide scoring and your recommendations and feedback will be used to select the most impactful and cutting-edge programs for this year’s event.

Need more information or some ideas on how to get started? Join NASPA’s Vice President for Professional Development, Stephanie Gordon, and Conference Chair Nancy Crimmin for a free live briefing to get tips and insight on crafting an sure-to-be-accepted submission, streaming live Thursday, July 28 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Whether you seek to present or review programs for the Annual Conference, the deadline to get involved is September 2, 2016. We are pleased you are considering joining us for the 2017 NASPA Annual Conference in San Antonio, and look forward to the many ways your involvement will enrich the program. Get started and think BIG!

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