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An important term. A buzzword. A new concept to some. A familiar way of understanding for others. A word that is, for some, confusing, complex, helpful, and empowering all at the same time. 

The intersections of our identities as educators and humans, as well as our experiences and values, are essential aspects that makes up who we are and shapes our worldview. As we work together to provide educational spaces where students can grow and learn, it becomes increasingly important to know not only how to listen and respond to others, but also how to initiate the conversations that help us understand those around us on a deeper level; on a human level. 

Since the 2012 NASPA Annual Conference, the MultiRacial Knowledge Community has hosted a space each year called “Intersections of Identity.” This roundtable event continues to gather professionals across the NASPA membership to share our experiences, to discuss how our different identities play into our work, and to commit to ourselves and our Communities toward more inclusive practices and organizations.

This year, there will be an extended session titled Intersections of Identity: Preparing College Educators for Important Conversations. This opportunity has grown and evolved into a toolkit session with input from eleven Knowledge Communities (and counting). It will feature stories from KC leaders, as well as, invite others to share their triumphs and challenges when handling important and sometimes difficult conversations and situations with students, colleagues, and peers. It is our hope that graduate students, new professionals, experienced professionals, as well as senior professionals will contribute their knowledge, refresh their memories, and encourage their agency to inspire these difficult conversations back on their campuses by participating in this session.

We invite all conference attendees to this session, so please make sure to bring a friend to what is sure to be an amazing learning experience.

Session details
Intersections of Identity: Preparing college educators for important conversations
Wednesday, March 15 | 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Convention Center, 206 B 

Additional resource:

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Violence against Women of Color
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Author: Erica Zamora, Assistant Director - Multicultural Student Affairs, Southern Methodist University

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